Friday, August 31, 2007

MI Cuts in Line

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Michigan may be minutes away from being the first state to hold a primary. The bill moving up Michigan's primary up to January 15th, passed the Michigan House of Representatives after being first approved by the Michigan Senate. It is now awaiting the signature of Governor Granholm who has already voiced her support. Although it's past business hours the reports said that she may sign the bill today.

The DNC has already threatened to take way Florida's delegate votes at their convention when Florida moved up their primary date. Will the Michigan delegations to both parties also suffer? By the way... who are the national committees to tell the states when they can or can not hold a primary? The legislators are the ones who are elected. They are the ones who make policy and law. There is nothing in the Constitution that gives political parties any power.

That brings me to the reason why I refuse to participate in primaries. Although I claim to be a Republican, I refuse to tie myself to the party or any other party. It's why I don't donate to parties or participate in primaries. One has to have party support in order to be elected and I think that is an unfortunate reality and somehow cheapens the idea of the republic.

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