Saturday, September 01, 2007

And the kick is up.

Okay season openers had Michigan State over the University of Alabama 55-18. Unfortunately I had to work but since openers are cake walks anyways, I didn't really mind. I was getting paid time and a half at work plus my cell is programed to send me txt messages updating the MSU vs. UAB game every quarter.

The real story to today (at least so far) is the Michigan upset. And I mean upset. Big Bro just got his face slapped by the Mountaineers of Appalachian State. Who? Yeah, exactly. Who the hell are they? But whatever... I love 'em already. I mean, in all honesty, it's humiliating enough for Michigan when they loose to Michigan State but to loose to a second tier school... aww man do I feel the pain. You might even say that I feel sorry for them.

Read another article here.

UPDATE 09/02/2007 @ 1549:

After Penn State concluded their game, the students lingered on in their stadium to watch the final moments of the Michigan game. Watch their reaction as their fellow Big Ten school takes the first loss of the season. h/t to the guy who posted this on YouTube.

For the hearing impaired, they are chanting "ASU, ASU" and "Overrated" directed to Michigan.

And here we have the Buckeyes:

And if you actually want to see the final moments of the game here it is.

Thanks to all YouTube contributers for posting these. I wish I had seen it myself.

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