Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Up ‘Till this Evening

In every election I’ve voted in, polls in Michigan open at 7am and stay open until 8pm. I thought that I would go and vote when the polls opened. I figured that most people would wait until work was over. Also, since I have more cows for neighbors than actual people, I thought that there wouldn’t be a large line. I was wrong. What I didn’t consider was that I also live amongst the old farm folk. The ones that go to bed at 9 but get up at 5. The ones that don’t have much to do in the morning but go vote. And vote they did. I arrived at my polling place with no place to park and a huge line that was about 30 yards long outside the building. I couldn’t tell how long it was inside. I had to be at work at 8:30 and I wasn’t sure I make it if I tried voting then so I left without doing so.

All throughout the day I was slightly irritated. People were talking about the election, what they were hearing on the radio or if they had computers-internet. I just wanted to get it over and done with so we can start the 2010 campaigns. At the end of the day, though, I did go back to the polling location where the line was no longer outside the building, the wait was tolerable, and the ballot taker cute.

I’m now, obviously, back home after a fulfilling dinner at the local casino’s buffet. Thanks to my sister for that. And although it a safe conclusion as to who the next president will be, I have found myself checking in with the news every now and then hoping for an upset. The great political pendulum has swung in the other direction and it will be an interesting study to see how the Republicans are going deal with the Democrats in firm control of the government.

Some have made the observation that this is actually good for Republicans because now they can sit back and let the Democrats take the heat for all the crap that is going to come up. It’s a sickening attitude to me because I don’t want to be a guinea pig for whatever plans Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have. They better start acting like an effective opposition party.


Season said...

Go OBAMA! Sorry had to do that! Forgive me.

David said...

What's to forgive? It's not like you're being nasty about it.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have been thoroughly brainwashed.

David said...

Well anon, perception is not always in line with reality.