Thursday, August 30, 2007

Look! Up in the sky... (it's gas prices)

While I heading back to Niles from work, I spotted the Goodyear blimp passing overhead. Dad said that he saw it the day before. It's a rare enough site that you tend to pause whatever it is you are doing and take a look. In my case, it was driving. Don't worry. I was stopped at a light when I, in a hurry, took this picture with my camera phone. At least I managed to get the blimp in the shot. The blimp is in town--and this is a pretty good guess-- for the season opener for Notre Dame football. ND is playing Georgia Tech.

From this particular spot, the Goodyear blimp is traveling just to the south and parallel to the toll road*. It looks to be heading towards Notre Dame where the Golden Dome and the Library (depicting Touchdown Jesus) can be seen.

*Around these parts, I-80 is called "the toll road." Although it's part of the interstate system, people tend to segregated it from the rest of the "I"s such as I-94, I-65, or I-69 simply because we are charged to use it. (City folks tend to call their highways by names. For example, you might hear a Chicagoan talk about the Dan Ryan or the Eisenhower.) I very rarely travel on the toll road. Honestly. I've been on it less than ten times, I swear. It's my personal opinion that the interstates should be free. This especially for high traffic corridors. It's the only reasonable way to get from Chicago to New York without a swing south or a swing north and then through another country. But this would turn into a whole other post.

**Parked blimp is from


Anonymous said...

One of the good year blimp hangers is not far from me in Pompano. We often go there for my work to take students on photo shoots. It is quite the site to see up close.


Minge said...

Drivers should be charged for using busy roads. Paying for usage discourages use making them less busy. A reasonable government would then take said money and plough it into public transport. I suppose that's a bit too left wing for the USA. It's certainly too left wing for the UK. People moan about the price of petrol with their 4x4 idle and the motor running. Insanity. I think the way forward is road charging for all roads, no matter how busy or quiet. Travel a mile and pay a penny. Travel one hundred miles and pay a pound. Travel in the rush hour and double the fee. Fabulous.