Monday, September 03, 2007

They had a good run I think.

Happy Labor Day. (Has anyone actually said that?)

I was off from work today and so I thought that maybe I'd take advantage of some Labor Day sales. Eh, they weren't all that great but I'm a buyer and not a shopper so regardless if there was a sale or not, I had two things on my mind: speakers and shoes.

The Boston speakers that I got in 2002 weren't cutting it anymore. The the connector was worn so bad that I had to press it against the socket to make it work. When I started having to fiddle around with it for a few minutes, it was time for it to be replaced. But money and the lack of it caused me to put off purchasing even a set of cheapies until today.

So I go into Best Buy hoping that I can find something similar to my Bostons. My Bostons cost me $80 when I bought it. And for a 2.1 system, I loved them. They were definitely a step up from those shitty Compaq ones that I got when I bought my computer. The store did have comparable 2.1's that were in the same price range but I went with these Bose speakers. I've heard good things about Bose and my dad swears by them. He's got an old system down in the basement that's older than me. And although they were a 2.0 system, Bose is more expensive since it is supposedly high-end. Well, these particular speakers were on sale putting them at $90. Ten bucks more. Eh, I was just looking for a replacement it couldn't hurt to try them out.

I've been using them for a few hours and they sound just as well as my Boston speakers did. They are preforming better than I would have expected from other brands though. Was it worth it? I suppose the downgrade in the system was mitigated by the upgrade in product quality.

The next thing on the list was the shoes. I needed to replace my old Reebok tennis shoes that I've had since 2003. Those Reeboks were the same model as the ones it replaced, which I got in 2000. I really wish they continued to make them. But since I'm trying to be more fashion conscious, I went hunting for an alternative to the brown Sketchers that I have. I love my Sketchers but I could only wear them when I was wearing pants. Wearing them with shorts looked pretty wrong and doing it with white socks? Yech. So I went looking for ones that were roughly the same but had a color pattern that was suitable for shorts as well as pants, white socks as well as colored, jeans as well as khaki. I am confident that these charcoal ones will work out fine. I don't know if it's my monitor but the actual color of my shoes is slighter than the one shown here. It's more of a slate--lighter grey with a tinge of blue to it.

If you remember my toilet paper post, these pictures are bothering me a bit because the laces are reversed from the way I do them. It's supposed to be right over left. Argh!


Minge said...

You shall be the new Mrs Marcos!

David said...

If I had as much money in my overseas bank accounts, I'd have more and even better ones than that bitch!