Sunday, July 01, 2007

I'm not getting a replacement for full price.

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My cell phone is about to celebrate its one year of activation in a couple days. Up until a couple minutes ago, it looked like it wasn't going to make it. It made me so mad because about a week ago it refused to charge. I'd end up fiddling around with it for a good ten minutes before the connection would be made and the charge-up began. One night night it wouldn't charge at all and I gave up.

I took some electronics degreaser and and rubbed it on the connectors. I hoped that it wouldn't make things worse. It has appeared to have solved the problem. The two times I've done it, the connection and charge was immediate. This damn phone better last me another year when my contract is up.

I love my phone by the way.


Leo Carioca said...

Well, cell phones are surely useful. But they make us crazy sometimes, don't they?
David, thank you for answering my research!
By the way, as I had told you when you had shown us some places of your nice hometown, I had an idea to do something in my blog. And I already started it. I'll show some places of my hometown too. Basically my hometown's coastline. And of course I mentioned I had this idea because of your's.
Well, see you. Hugs!

David said...

Oh! That's right, I need to put up some more pictures of that. I'll be checking yours out.