Saturday, June 30, 2007


While I was doing some cleaning this morning, my computer was running through some songs that I have. One of the ones that popped up was Parokya ni Edgar's "Mr. Suave." I went on study abroad to the Philippines in 2003 and while I was there, this song was all the rage it seemed like. I didn't even have regular access to a radio but still I heard it everywhere. I absolutely hated it. Hated It. But somewhere deep inside me, I actually thought it was a fun song. Kinda one of those "it's so stupid, it's funny" kind of things. So here, for your amusement or torture, is a video. I don't think it's the real music video. If it is, then my memory is horrible.


For those who closely watched, KKK in the Philippines does not have the same meaning as KKK does in the United States.

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Leo Carioca said...

Hello, David!
I'm here to tell you 2 things: the 1st, from today, I have a new nick, now I'm Leo Carioca; the 2nd, I'd like to invite you to answer my blog's new research.
Anyway, this research is a little... hot! lol!
Hugs! See you!