Monday, July 02, 2007

My Old Neighborhood

This is where I used to live before moving to my current address. 4 bedroom, 2 bath, and it even had a receiving room. My neighbors told me that it used to be a drug house. You know the expression, "wrong side of the tracks?" It was true in our case. The train tracks were one block west of us and really was the beginning of the "bad neighborhood." Seeing as we were only a block away, I could believe this house had been a base.

About three streets north of us lies this "estate." This house along with three others on the block take up about three or four lots each. I suspect that the reason was because at the time these houses were built, they lay on the eastern most edge of Niles where it began to go back into farmland. Over time, though, the housing built up around them so that the edge of town moved further over by about a mile and half.

I suppose the thing that I like most about the hood is that architecture of the the houses can vary wildly. Some look like plain boxes but some such as this one look very nice.

This family gets away with not having to mow their lawn. Smart idea but you never get to use the space. (I used to go to school with the girl that lived here.)

A couple houses have a south western look to them. They look so odd here. It's cool and all but dang, I'm still expecting a Taco Bell sign to be hiding around.

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