Monday, November 15, 2010

I hope they do a better job of cleaning!

On my 1999 trip to the Philippines, I had to go through a pretty invasive pat down as I went down the causeway to the boarding area for my flight back home. The guy who performed the procedure didn’t touch my groin but he covered everything else. I’ll tell you it steamed me up, and not in a good way. Well get prepared for the TSA here in America to give you a “thorough” check which includes touching your “junk.” At least if you don’t want to be seen naked.

On one side you’ve got people yelling that it’s an invasion of privacy and an illegal strip search because they don’t have probably cause. On the other, you’ve got people defending the policy saying that it is all for our safety and that those that don’t like it…well, they don’t have to fly.

I’d say I lean more to the protesters on this issue than the defenders. While I recognize the need for safety, I believe that the TSA is going too far. The need for every person to decide whether they want to be seen naked or felt up aren’t acceptable choices. If it is a choice between one violation or the other, why don’t I make like the Germans and take everything off everything save my boxers, put them through the x-ray machine, and walk through the metal detectors. Actually, I think I would have more of my dignity intact if that was option 3.

I don’t see anything wrong with society having a debate on where we want to draw the line between liberty and safety. I mean if we all wanted to be safe, why not make us fly naked? I mean… I wouldn’t mind sitting next to some of those Germans…

h/t theTOLDyou for the YouTube vid.

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