Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thanks Michigan *grumble, grumble*

Last night I had a blast playing a trivia tournament. I was originally invited to join a team with Ed and Amanda but they suddenly had to change plans and go out of town. I got a call from her sister asking me if I was still interested. There was a ten dollar entry fee and I had to bring a dish to pass.

We started pretty well with 2nd place but then we slipped to the middle of the pack, and then to second place, and then to dead last. We kept on saying that we were going to make a comeback. Some of the questions were insanely hard yet were low-value questions. For example, can you name the last President that became a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Yeah, didn’t think so. It was Taft by the way.

It was actually a question about Notre Dame and the University of Michigan that got us back in the game. And wow, did I feel dirty about it, especially the UofM question. The question was what was Michigan’s first state university and where was it founded. I believe everyone was going for Michigan State. Our team was the only one that got it correct with UofM and Detroit. That managed to get us into a tie for first place.

The last question which was TV catch-phrases had ten parts to it and we had to first bet on how many points we wanted to wager. To win the points, we would have to answer all 10 correctly. Our team decided to go all in thinking that the other team we were tied with would do the same thing. Well it turns out that we got all the answers correct so we either won or would go into a playoff if the other team bet the same. To our delight the bet ZERO. We won!

Well we won but we didn’t really win money. After taking my cut of the winnings and subtracting the entrance fee, the cost of the food I brought along, and the drinks I had from the bar… well I was in the hole $5. BUT, it was a blast and I will do it again.

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