Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Independence Day--About A Week Late

A little over a week ago, July 3rd, my sister and I went to Six Flags Great America to meet up with our cousins, Jessica and Eric. It was originally hoped that we would go to Cedar Point. We were at Six Flags less than a year ago and it would have been nice to go to a different park but the cousins had things to do on the fourth and a six hour drive to Sandusky wasn’t something they were eager to do.

We waited here just beyond the entrance. It took a long time to get through as people did not know how to line up properly.

Have you ever been to a ride which brought in groups of people into a waiting room where a presentation was made before you got on the actual ride? Like the Haunted Mansion at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom? Well this was a similar one but instead of filling up the room, a line was made up along the back wall. I went ahead and moved to the far end where we would exit to the actual ride. Because of this, we got called names by the idiots who didn’t think to do it themselves. It’s not my fault they don’t know how to fill a room. I’ve been doing this for over two decades over dozens of parks. My guess is that this was their first time. Still, no need to call us assholes when they are ignorant assholes.

The rest of the day went fairly well. We managed to get Eric to go on a wet ride over his protests. It was freakin’ hot out and I was welcoming a chance to get a little wet. We didn’t get to go on all the coasters again but I was satisfied with what we did get on.

A note to 14/15 year olds out there: please don’t make out when we are in the queue. Some quick kisses, no big deal, but when you’re sticking tongues down each other’s throats… go find a bush or head back out to the parking lot. I’d tell you to get a room but you wouldn’t be able to book one. But whatever, please don’t subject the rest of us to it. Some other pervy kids might get into it but the rest of us are a little put out.

Yes. They made the unfortunate decision of not using sunscreen.

We spent the night at my Uncle’s house. On the fourth, we accompanied the family to a party being hosted by some of their friends. I was uncomfortable. I hate being put into situations where I am forced to be in the company of strangers. In hoping to avoid the assembled guests, I followed Eric down to the dock on the lake and for most of my time there, tried to keep my distance.

These folks seemed fine. They were welcoming but still, seeing this flag being flown did not make me feel any more at ease.

Yet, I found it a little amusing to see this flag flying right next door.

We left in the late afternoon after my aunt gave me some extra kitchen items for my new apartment.

As we drove back home on the Illinois Tollway, the local residents were shooting off their fireworks. Sure they’re not as big as the shows the towns put on but not knowing where or when a good mortar would go off had its own thrill.


Kristel said...

Nice pics, you should send them my way. :)

Stacey said...

sounds fun! i wonder if the two flags were being flown kind of on purpose in opposition to each other, like a little neighborly feud?!?