Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back to State and Visit to WMU

I had some business with my credit union which is based in East Lansing so I went up there today. It’s been a few years since I’ve been back on campus and it always amazes me to see the improvements that are always being made. This time around, I saw that they created underpasses at the rail road crossings on the southern end of the main campus. One of the more shocking was this on the north end by the College of Social Science:
I’m not sure what they are going to be building here.
Here is Phillips Hall, my dorm from freshman and sophomore years. Just recently they installed an art sculpture. The cost for it would have completely paid the tuition and housing for three students seeking a four year degree.

I stopped by the Student Union and I was happy to see that my credit union opened a branch there. That was a very smart thing as together with the campus post office, it makes the Union more of a one-stop service area.
There were a couple things that I didn’t care for. The food courts were closed. Closed! On a Saturday. Now I’ve seen reduced hours during breaks but I have never known them to close. Even the stacks were closed when I walked by them (although they would have opened later in the day.)

On my way back, I contacted my sister to see if she wanted to catch lunch as I would be passing her university on my way back home. We met up and had lunch at a Chinese buffet. After that she took me on a tour of downtown Kalamazoo.
…where we saw a fountain…

…and church.

We also visited candy shop that was very retro. I liked it a lot.

We drank odd pop…

…and ate Blue Moon ice cream. Yum!

Now that I'm back home. I think I'm getting sick :( But that aside, it was an excellent day.

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Blue Moon is the best!!