Saturday, June 12, 2010

We.... won? *scratches head*

According to my friend Adam, the 1-1 tie between England and the United States is the reason why he can’t get into soccer. How can anyone tolerate a game that ends in a draw? Someone’s gotta win! In addition, it’s strange how a tie can be a “win” for one side *cough*USA*cough* and a loss for another.

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Kapitano said...

I thought the reason for watching a game was to watch a lot of skill and tactics.

If all someone cares about is who beat who...that's 90 minutes of watching a lot of strangers run about to get the content of a brief tweet.

Still, what do I know. I'm not into any sports at all.

David said...

Of course we watch skills and tactics, but we also want someone to win.