Thursday, June 17, 2010

Housing: Affordability vs. Everything Else

The housing search did not go well earlier this week. Before heading out, I made a list of properties that were in my price range. Every place that I visited in Michigan had waiting lists. I got on them but no one could give me an idea of how long the wait might be. Gritting my teeth, I headed into Mishawaka, Indiana to inquire into a complex down there. To my surprise, they had units open so I filled out an application. At that point, it looked like it was going to be my only option.

So this Mishawaka place. On the plus side, it was well within my price range and there was even a discount internet provider (whose name I’ve never heard of). It looked nice but from what my coworkers tell me, looks can be deceiving. Apparently it is pretty rough and I’ve heard stories of people getting shot there. The fact that the unit that I was applying for was ground level and the windows were secured with wood dowels, did not impress me.

I found out earlier today that a place in Buchanan had a one-bedroom available and those ahead of me on the list didn’t go for it. I asked the office person there if I could drop by after their office hours and check it out. If the apartment worked out, I was going to make out an application and pretty much guarantee them that I would sign a lease.

I toured the unit and it doesn’t look as attractive as the one in Mishawaka but there is more space. It’s also a bit more expensive. I think that the biggest selling point for me was that I could still remain in Michigan. This is hugely important to me because I can still maintain my residency so that if I apply to grad school, I will pay the discounted in-state tuition. In addition, I wouldn’t have to go through all the other annoying obstacles of establishing Indiana residency by changing over my vehicle registration and insurance. In addition, it’s a lot easier to get to and from work. Even though Mishawaka is the next town over, I have would have to drive miles of surface streets. Buchanan is just a shot up the highway and a hook into town.

The lady seemed confident that I would get the unit and even asked me if I wanted to move in within the next couple days. I think it would be less complicated if I just waited until July. At least I would have a couple weeks to see if I can scrounge up some used items to furnish the apartment with. As of right now, I basically have a bed, desk, chair, computer, and some odds and ends still left from living in the dorms.

More on this later...


john said...

Yay!! So I take it, your living arrangements are solved?

Laurie said...

Awesome! When I was outfitting my apartment I found that goodwill and salvation army became my best friends; as did big lots. Good luck! Are your parents moving or are you simply spreading your wings?

David said...

@john: Solved for the most part.

@Laurie: yeah, I'm gonna hit up Goodwill. Some people at work have some old cookingware that I might get my hands on too.