Monday, June 21, 2010

We’ve Got the Power!

We had a large storm come through late Friday night and early Saturday morning. We rode out the first wave but power was knocked out in the second. I could see that the winds were pretty nasty but it was nothing that I hadn’t seen before. I just thought that we were unlucky enough to catch a cell. Turns out this was a big ass cell that covered multiple counties.

Usually, when a storm knocks out power, it is restored within a day. What was so unusual about this storm was that the damage was so widespread. We pretty much had a micro-hurricane. Around noon on Saturday I headed up north to Stevensville to get some gas at my mom’s request.

Baroda. This is one of many trees that were blown down. I saw a house that had a swath of its roofing blown off.

A few houses down from where I live I saw that these poles. This was probably where our power was interrupted.

That evening, I drove into Niles and South Bend. The traffic signals in Michigan were out. Indiana’s were mostly up but there were a few intersections that were still down.

The fridge in the house and the freezer in the mudroom held together by Sunday. Everything in them was okay. The freezer in the garage couldn’t hold on and much of the meat had begun to thaw. My uncle came by around noon and took two full sized coolers of the beef. I would say about 150 to 200 pounds. The chicken was grilled and the hamburger was cooked so it could be refrozen later.

Power came back on later that day. Some of my friends in the South Bend ‘burbs did not have power. I’m guessing the power poles that were hanging over into the road might have been too much of a hazard and got bumped up on the priority list.

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