Saturday, January 30, 2010

Maybe when the MaxiPad comes out.

When the iPod Touch first came out, there were a number of people that I knew that wanted one. The only arguments that I can remember were over the price and that the touches had nowhere near the storage capacity of the more classic iPods. It took a few months but I managed to scrape up some cash and buy a first gen iPod Touch and I have loved it ever since. Now the iPad has been formally introduced and I’ve decided that this isn’t a product for me. At least not yet.

I need the iPad to primarily serve as a mobile interface with my computer. Whether I am connected directly to my computer network via Wi-Fi or through a cellular data network (3G). My computer is a desktop and if I am in my living room and I want to look something up, I take my iPod or my BlackBerry out of my pocket. I don’t bother going all the way to my room. And that’s fine for just looking at stuff on the net. Sometimes, though, I want to access files of my computer. There might be a song drifting through my head, or maybe I want to add something to my word document that I use for this blog. I’m just not sold yet that this can be a seamless interface.

For right now, I'm holding off but yes, I think I might be a second or third generation adopter as more features and capabilities are added.

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