Sunday, January 31, 2010

If it ain't broke...

Capt. L. sent me an email about a week or so ago asking me to join him on Facebook on a page dedicated to protesting the new Spartan logo.

Current logo on the left. Proposed logo on the right.

I got the email the day the news broke about the new logo and immediately joined. I like my old familiar logo and I am not a fan of the new one. From what I have read, MSU teamed up with Nike to “update” the logo for $ome reason.

The majority of the people commenting on the State News, and all of the alumni that I talked to, do not like the new logo. A few did, though, concede that change is good. After all, MSU has gone through many different logos. Still, this isn’t the change that many of us would support.

One supporter, though, is men’s basketball coach, Tom Izzo. In an article that I read today, Mr. Izzo seemed “disappointed” over how much of a fuss the logo change is causing. In that article and elsewhere, it is suggested that what Tom Izzo wants should be what Tom Izzo gets. Basketball is MSU’s sport and Izzo is our beloved coach but why should we feel like we’re hostages to what the administration and athletics department ants? Now, to be fair, I didn’t get the feeling that the coach was going to leave if the logo gets dropped but I am finding it very disturbing when people are suggesting that we have to do everything we can to keep him happy. Sorry to say it but I’d be happy to see anyone go if they are working against the MSU community. It may be just another logo to people out there, but for many of us, it’s our indentifying logo.


season said...

I am not really an MSU fan but the new logo sucks? it does not even look like a spartan. MSU should know since they are college educated and all and I am sure they have a marketing program, that it is bad to change your logo. Its already branded in people's mind and its what they picture when they think of MSU

David said...

"I am not really an MSU fan..."

It's okay. Nobody's perfect. :-P

It's is branded in people's mind. Hell it is branded on a lot of actual bodies as well. When they see that Spartan logo, they know what school it belongs to.

It's not totally their fault, but I hate Nike now.