Wednesday, January 20, 2010

C'mon! I know what you're trying to do.

Verizon sent me an email this afternoon informing me that they have lowered their all-you-can-talk plan from $99.99/month to $69.99/month. Instead of making me excited, it kinda ticked me off. You see, other small carriers have extremely better plans even if they aren’t national carriers. Walmart actually has their own phone (through Tracfone) that offers unlimited talk, text, and data for $50/mo and it’s non-contract. So I am glad that Verizon is lowering their prices, seemingly in response to the competition, but something smells fishy.

Forget the fact that I am on a family plan but before I modified my plan, I would say that I had a bare bones plan:

39.99: 450 minutes. (Unlimited night, weekends, and in-network mobile)
5.00: Text plan (250 txt messages)
29.99: Unlimited* Data (BlackBerry)

For each category above, I got the lowest offered. That was sufficient for my usage. I could use with less talk time and more texts but bottom line was that it was enough.

Now Verizon is dangling the new all you can talk and text plan for $89.99. But as far as I know, all the other tiered pricing points are staying the same. For those customers who are on the second or third tier plans, if they are willing to throw in a couple more bucks every month, they could make an easy jump. That is what Verizon is banking on.

To move my sister and I over to unlimited would be an extra $15/month. It’s so tempting. So that’s why I’m pissed. Just lower all the other damn plans Verizon. Sheesh!

*Verizon’s contract actually reserves the right to cut you off after 5 gigs.


StraightTalkMe said...

The plan from Walmart that you mention is actually less than $5 a month... it's only $45!

Unlimited minutes, texts, Mobile Web access and 411 calls. Nice!

It's called Straight Talk.

StraightTalkMe said...

Less than $50... LOL!