Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I have a note!

I apologize for my absence. It hasn’t been due to any writer’s block that’s for sure! But other websites have held my attention for the past couple of days along with some extra work. One site I have been spending a lot of my time and pulling my hair out over is PinoyExchange. One of the political issues being talked about in the Philippines is Charter Change (or what they call Cha-Cha). There is talk of transforming their government from a Presidential System to a Parliamentary one. There’s a-hole of a poster that makes strong arguments for a model change but he can’t hold back the insults to those who disagree with him. Broadly speaking, I do think that a Parliamentary system would be better for the Philippines but I get kicks out of poking at his posts because I think he’s got too much faith in that system and I don’t think he is taking a look at all the dimensions of how government is implemented, ran, and supported.

A number of new stories that I wanted to share have come and gone. One story that I have been following for the past week or so is the special election in Massachusetts to fill the senate seat left by the late Ted Kennedy. The two candidates for the seat were Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown. Now Massachusetts is a stronghold of the Democratic Party but just a few minutes ago, news came that Coakley has called Brown to concede. This is being seen by the Republicans as a referendum on Obama’s agenda, especially on the health care bills now being reconciled in Congress. Democrats are trying to play this down as Coakley running a “lackluster” campaign. You can now see her on the pavement along with Creigh Deeds. Oh, and also they are blaming impatient voters. Yup… smart move-- blame the people.

It will be interesting to see now, how the Democrats in Congress and the administration are going to move to still move their agenda forward. Will they try to delay the seating of Mr. Brown? Will they quickly pass the senate version of the Health Care Bill? Will they result to reconciliation? Do they have a RINO mole up their sleeve?

Anyways, it’s almost ten o’clock and I’ve got to see for myself that Southland (the cop show NBC stupidly cancelled) is on TNT.


Kapitano said...
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Kapitano said...

I don't know much about Philippino politics, but I do find often when people advocate an alternative form of government over the current one...they're less concerned about the benefits of the alternative than the problems of the current.

At the time of Tiyanenmen Square protests I was roundly criticised (as "heartless") for saying the protesters didn't really know what they wanted or meant by "democracy" - they were protesting about repression, not defining freedom.

As for the Brown problem...I can safely say I have no idea at all what the administration will do about it. And that's after listening to 90 minutes of pundits on the question yesterday.