Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Happens When You Put Fire to Ice and Lookalikes

We’ve been in sub-freezing weather since just before Christmas. Now that the Ice Festival has started, so has a heatwave. Yesterday I thought I had better go that evening to see the ice sculptures before they started to melt. Seeing that my friend Stacey was in town from her job in Maryland, I thought I would ask if she wanted to join me.

The big event that was happening when we got there was the fire and ice show. Very basically, a group of ice sculptures would refine these big stacks of ice surrounding some combustible material. This would be done to some music, lights, and a bit of fooling around. One of the guys looked just like my friend Brian from MSU. Although MSU Brian has lost quite a bit of weight. All that politicking around tends to do that to some people. :-P

You might think that lighting up some ice blocks would make this a quick show but it really does last a while. When we left, the flaming guitar was still intact.

We passed a tent that had a murder mystery dinner going on. It was 30 bucks. Even if we weren’t late in getting to the tent, I wouldn’t have been keen on paying that much for it. Okay, maybe I would have it if it wasn’t just a spur of the moment decision. There was however a sign for a chili cook-off tomorrow.

It may sound odd, but the thing to do here at the ice festival is eat ice cream. Unfortunately the booth wasn’t set up that night.

We had dinner at a restaurant in old downtown. Our waiter was Dave who I immediately recognized from a couple years back at Pizza Hut. I remember him because I thought he was cute, he looked like Mancow, and he majorly screwed up our orders. Yuuuppp… not much has changed.


Kapitano said...

Neigh First!

Kapitano said...

Hang on a minute! I thought...

Hm. I suppose I shouldn't post comments when half asleep. I saw that you and MJ had new posts, clicked on hers and left a comment...but I must have clicked on yours instead.

Anyway, those sculptures look astounding, especially the horse. Amazing amount of skill. So thanks for that little peek into the ice festival.

Stacey said...

my dad and I ended up going to the chili cook off... sorry I didnt text you- he was just so happy to have some father/daughter time
i did have fun on friday though!