Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do Elephants Like Pumpkins?

I have never heard of a White Elephant gift until last week when a K.S., a coworker, organized an exchange that occurred today. We had to bring in something that was not wanted at home. As you may remember in Pantry Purge, I had a can of pumpkin from U.S. government. I had told some other coworkers about the story and they suggested that I wrap that up. So I did. K.S. ended up drawing my gift. We’ll all have to be careful if she shows up one day with baked goods!

I didn’t bother taking a picture, but I ended up with a bag containing a variety of “goodies.” Two empty candy boxes, three glue sticks, a pen, and one of those clock signs that reads “I’ll be back at___.”

A.K. ended up with mouse traps. She’ll have to set them up to see if anything gets caught.

G.W. probably got the most normal one. He ended up taking home a gift basket containing pasta, a jar of sauce and some other things that make up pasta dinner. However, considering the how mummified the bread sticks looked, I doubt it was put together within the last year.

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