Saturday, December 19, 2009

Meet Tiger

This ugly pup is Tiger. He’s ugly. He’s stinky. But he’s so cute. This is going to be my mom’s dog. Earlier this year, my Grandma took in a stray. A while later, my Dad noticed that the dog was getting larger. Turns out she was pregnant. I guess Dad and Mom got hooked on the little things because when Mom asked for one, Dad didn’t put up a fight.

My Dad is taking my Grandma down to Disney World for Christmas. I’m still here at home taking care of the dogs—which I hate. Maybe I’d love it a little more if they were mine and if one in particular would shut up. That damn dog is nocturnal. Sleeps all day (on rocks) but then spends all night barking at things in the back field. Tiger and his mother are pretty quiet although Tiger is a big whiner when he sees me.

I tried training the dogs a little. Tracee, the one that is constantly barking, can walk really well. At first she would pull and tug ahead, but have correcting her, she’ll walk beside and around me. She learned really quick that when she tugs, I will stop and the only way she’s going to be comfortable is if the leash remains loose. But I can’t get her to shut up! I’m tempted to use those shock collars but I couldn’t do that to an animal. Trixie is the opposite, she’s quiet but she so slow on the walking. She so bad that she will choke herself. I’ve tried the stop position and tried that with stop-and-reverse. After two days, she’s a little better. Still I don’t walk very far because I’m constantly going in one direction and then the opposite. Tiger isn’t an issue. He sticks by me or the one of the other dogs.

Oh and one weird thing that I noticed is that they don’t like the doggy treats that I have. I’ve been breaking into my Dad’s stash of beef jerky but that’s just between you and me. ;-)

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