Friday, December 25, 2009

The One Day

I haven’t been having the greatest Christmas ever but I don’t want the day to end. For just this one day, I can be at home with family (although this year, without my dad) and not have to worry about the world around me or my role in it. Tomorrow reality will come back and I’ve got a number of things to juggle. Most of it is money problems. Just when I seem to stamp out one problem (medical debt), another pops up (automotive repair). I’m sending out another batch of resumes in the next couple of months in hopes of getting a bite. Wish me luck.


Season said...

Good luck! I got your card thank you! Oh I will be home Jan 1st-8th! Hope we can hangout!

QuakerJono said...

Hey, what are you looking for?

David said...

@Season: Thanks! I hope so too. My car should be released back to me around that time, if not, you'll just have to make a special trip out here to get me. :-P

@QuakerJono: Hey! Good to see you around. :)

I'm looking mainly for administrative/support jobs as that is what my work experience has been for the last 3 years at my current job which is company that contracts out work with other companies such as Levi, Pfizer, Sony, and Apple to handle merchandise and promotional materials. Mainly I do data entry and statistical reports (which is why I'm always grumpy at the end of the months). But I have also served as and Information Manager is AFROTC in college, and also as a intern in the Michigan House of Representative. Also have some management experience when I worked in cafeteria at college then as an assistant manager at a candy shop.

So... you wouldn't happen to know of any openings would you? ;)

Hope you had a great Christmas.

David said...

Awkward. I probably should have read your most recent post before writing that last line. Even so, the sentiment behind it remains.

Stacey said...

did you send out any resumes to DC??? :)