Monday, September 28, 2009

Talk Radio All Day? Bring it On.

I forgot to bring my iPod to work with me today. No biggie, I think some of the people around me are probably sick of listening to the same music over and over again. BUT, at least it’s not that Top 40 pop that is always playing everywhere else! Hmm… I might have to post more on that later. Although I’d miss my music, I can pick up streaming radio on my phone. (God, I love my blackberry.) So all day I was listening to WLS out of Chicago.

Dominating talk today was the beating of a Chicago student. When it came through on talk, the story had been that this 16 year old student was beaten to death because he refused to join a gang. Later news stories released this evening, however, report that he was bystander that got caught in a fight between two other groups (wasn’t confirmed if it was a gang). Video of the event was given to the local FOX station. I have seen it and it is, at first glance, is a chaotic group of teens going after each other with planks of wood. It was really hard to follow but eventually the camera focused in on a guy laying on the ground being hit, kicked, and stomped on. As for this posting, 4 teens have been arrested and charged with murder and they will be charged as adults. The investigation is ongoing and it appears that more people are wanted.

Also on today’s table was news that President Obama will be traveling to Copenhagen hoping to secure the Olympics for Chicago. It’s being reported that Chicago is the leading favorite followed by Rio. I am trying to keep my expectations low.

The AP reports that the death toll following Ondoy has hit 240. After seeing more video and pics of the place, I believe that to be grossly underestimated. The sanitary conditions for most of that area are crappy in the best of times. The Philippine government and aid organizations need to work fast and furious because I’m seeing another disaster coming down the pipe here.

Oh, traffic on the inbound Edens is light, 23 to Cermak, 54 to the Post Office… I know what they are talking about but I don’t know enough about Chicago for it to mean anything. Does that make sense? As for the weather, it is indeed windy in the Windy City today.

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