Sunday, September 27, 2009

And We’re Off to a Great Start

Doc, you may not want read any further.

I have begun this television season with the Amazing Race. It’s still too early to tell if this is a good season or not but so far all the teams that I am interested in are still in it. The first team eliminated was indeed “numero uno,” just not in the way they were hoping for.

I have formed some favorite teams. Well, they’re not all favorites as I want some of them to lose in the end but I want them to stay in long enough because I find them interesting.

Coming out of the gate, I have taken a liking to Zev and Justin--two friends who seem to be very close. Zev’s actions so far on the race have made him very endearing and Justin has his back.

They haven’t gotten too much screen time but I am rooting for Sam and Dan, the two gay brothers. Although I know that gay siblings are more common than I dare think, but still it kind of amazes to me whenever I learn of a new set. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Sam is hot.

It looks like CBS will be building up Maria and Tiffany as the “evil” team. They are professional poker players and they decided that they were going to withhold that from the others fearing that they would be targeted. They didn’t even complete their first leg without being outted in front of Sam and Dan.

Flight Time and The Big Easy, teammates on the Harlem Globetrotters look promising but they haven’t gotten too much time on the screen yet.

As for the rest I’m not that interested in just yet although Mika and Canaan might be showing up on my radar soon.

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