Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Throw His Ass in Prison.

I never heard of Roman Polanski until the movie, The Pianist, came out. It was then that I read news reports about him fleeing the United States, fearing punishment for raping a 13 year old girl (although the charge was unlawful sexual intercourse). Even then, there were media types who were supporting this guy, especially as they wanted him to be able to return to the US so that he could receive an Academy Award for Best Director.

Polanski is popping up at the water cooler again because of his recent arrest in Switzerland and a possible extradition. There was not one person that I talked to who would support him. Actually, one would like to see him executed. I honestly think that there is a disconnect between the Hollywood types who support Polanski and the general public. I’m fairly confident that most people are ambivalent as to whether the gov’t seeks his extradition (because of the crime) or doesn’t (because of the passage of time), but I don’t think that they are willing to go to bat for him.

Given the personal views of the victim (who sued and reached a settlement with Polanski) and the costs of extradition, I’d be satisfied if he was barred from ever entering the country. Essentially, the status-quo. He seems to be doing fine outside of Hollywood. Let him continue to do so.

Oh and I love how some stories have named some of Polanski’s biggest supporters—Woody Allen being one of them. Woody Allen?! Another freakin’ pervert as far as I’m concerned. Going after your lover’s daughter… eeeew.

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