Monday, September 21, 2009

Something That Doesn't Involve a Robe

So Justin and Carrie's annual Halloween party is coming up and this year's theme is horror movie character pre 1995. Instead of waiting until the last moment to pick up a costume, I thought I would get a head start. So my sister and I went to three Halloween stores* and I could not find one thing that went along with the theme and was in my size.

I have a couple options though:

1.) I could be a generic werewolf that could be from any number of movies but I'm not really keen on getting in that kind of suit and wearing a rubber mask all night long.

2.) There is a generic evil wizard/warlock costume available but what movie would that reference? Plus it involves robes and I vowed last year I wouldn't wear one again.

I think though, that I am going throw any notion of following a theme out the window and go with one of these:

1.) Buy the Napoleon outfit despite the fact that I'm tall and look nothing like a Frenchman. The upside is that the costume comes more or less complete. The downside is that it is nearly $100.

2.) Go with a Robin Hood outfit which, if I remember was $80. If you think I'd look ridiculous as Napoleon, I'd look even more so posing as that skinny ass punk. Instead, I have plans to add on a wig, beard, and quarterstaff. Hopefully people would get that I'm trying to pass off as Little John.

3.) Buy that totally bitchin' $1,000 Darth Vader suit.**

So what do you think? Any suggestions?

Just for the record, my sister will not be wearing the new Star Trek miniskirt.

*Seriously, one or two would do.
**Yeah right!


Stacey said...

i have no ideas.. sorry, i wish i could go! but maybe not, because I do not know what I would be! I will do some googling for you..

Kristel said...

Damn straight I'm not, lol.

David said...

@Stacey: I honestly wouldn't know what'd you go as either. I think that you wouldn't find a costume that fits but no horror flick characters that would suit you come to mind.

@Kris: I'm telling you, you'd be the only one that could pull it off. And I'm sure you'd be a hit all around Kzoo. Imagine all the free drinks you'd be getting if you went out to the bars. Hey, it worked for Uhura.

Stacey said...

they pick hard themes! carrie is probably going as "carrie" and thats why the picled it. you should just go as a mime. those have been around awhile and they are really scary! or you could be someone from the addams Family? not really a horror movie though