Monday, September 21, 2009

Bits that I picked up from around the world…

…at least the parts I care about.

Election? No Election? I think that Harper loves living on the edge. After almost being lined up against the wall by a “coalition” of the Liberals, NDP, and the Bloc, he is again pulling off an escape—this time with help from the NDP and the Bloc. My American brain gets confused by all this switching sides. Something about the conservatives teaming up with the socialists and the separatists just seems goofy to me. –But goofy in a funny way.

I wish I could see more coverage of Miyuki Hatoyama who is the wife of the new Prime Minister. I think she’d be a barrel of laughs—certainly more entertaining the Michelle Obama, exciting than Laura Bush, but less disturbing than Hillary Clinton. Apparently she’s one of those… eccentric people. For example, she claims that she was abducted by aliens. By the way, it’s only a coincidence that her husband is referred to as an alien.

Whenever I think that American politics are F’d up, I look over to the Philippines. They are gearing up for the next election. Already, members of President Arroyo’s administration are making a move to candidates of their choice. I suppose if I was in Arroyo’s shoes, I’d be a little pissed. “Um hello. Attention over here!” But then again, she can’t run so if these guys want to start getting their ducks in line, who am I to blame them?

President Aquino’s son, Senator Benigno Aquino III, is running for the Liberals.

It’s rare that I hear about anything coming out of that country but I and many others around these parts are awaiting word if we (and by “we,” I mean Chicago) will get the 2016 Olympics. Word is that Michelle Obama is going to present the city’s bid. Speculation is that Chicago has a good chance as the games were just in Beijing and that might be bad for Tokyo. London will have them in 2012 and that could hurt Madrid. Rio de Jeneiro seems like the biggest wild card since the Olympics have never been held in South America but Rio will have the World Cup 2 years prior and that might be a little too close for comfort. Check out the bid here.


Kapitano said...

Something about the conservatives teaming up with the socialists and the separatists just seems goofy to me.

Sounds like the conservatives aren't conservative, the socialists aren't socialist and the seperatists aren't...seperate.

less disturbing than Hillary Clinton

I always get the impression Clinton's in the wrong party. Surely she should be on the right of the Republicans, not the so-called centre of the Democrats?

Ah, but the right isn't really on the right and the centre isn't really in the middle :-).


Ah yes. I remember when the British press was full of how she'd be a wonderful president because...well, she wasn't Imelda Marcos. 'Cos anyone's got to be more competent than the Marcos's, right?

London will have them in 2012

...and a lot of Brits aren't happy about it. Funding the olympics has become one of the great excuses for withdrawing funding from anywhere else. Plus the stadiums, olympic village etc. are overbudget and behind schedule - as usual.

Stacey said...

i hope chicago gets it! i want to see some swimming!

David said...

There are many in Chicago who don't want the Olympics here either for fore the same reasons you just mentioned. Taxes are already insanely high for city residents and they do not like Mayor Daley's reassurances to the IOC that the gov't is going to back the costs.

I heard that if Chicago gets it, a new aquatic center will be built. Personally, I don't see why they don't make them swim in the lake. It'll be warm enough by then. If not, it'll give them even more reason to swim faster in order to get out of it. Oh and free seats would be nice.

Can you imagine how crazy Millennium station is going to be? I'd be afraid of going on South Shore as much as actually driving into the city.