Sunday, August 09, 2009

On the Banks of the St. Joseph...

The Niles River Fest has been running for the last few days. I was planning to go yesterday to see the dragon boat races. See pictures and video of them here. Unfortunately it was raining (yay!) so I put it off 'till today. I planned to have lunch there but the place seemed deserted. The food vendors were sitting around. One was even taking a nap! And this was only 1:30pm. The whole situation weirded me out so I left after just a quick look through the stalls and the concert that was playing for a crowd of about fifty or sixty.

I'm not sure why there wasn't a great turnout. Maybe it's the last day and there isn't anything on the schedule worth seeing unlike earlier in the week. It could have been the heat: high 80's with opressive humidity. It was so hot I actually saw someone splashing around in the river. Yuck not to mention stupid. That river is deadlier than it looks.


Anonymous said...

I forgot this weekend was River Fest. Oh well, doesn't sound like I missed much.


David said...

Nope. I suppose you didn't. The fair is coming up though!