Friday, June 19, 2009

Walking and the Rain

Blogging from the phone this evening. Its been raining a lot this week. Today brought thunderstorms that lasted all day long. Usually we go through a line of thunderstorms as a front goes through. These cells just kept developing and slamming into us. The intersection of Cleveland and Portage had the power knocked out. A four way stop does not work well when ten lanes of traffic meet. I felt like I was playing Russian Roulette trying to go through that thing. No one knew who was supposed to go when. Anyways its still going and the power is out.

I saw my new in-network doctor today. The facility that I went to is a hole compared to the one that I just came from. I guess my insurance company likes 'em big and crowded. I had to wait over two hours past my appointment before I could see the new doctor-who is pretty cool though.

While I was there one of the medical assistants recognized me. Usually I'm the forgotten person. I recognize people. They don't recognize me so this was a pretty interesting event for me. I had to think about it for a while but when I finally did realize who she was I knew more about her than she did about me. Ha!

I've gotten the okay to put full weight on my leg now and I am expected to start dropping the use of the crutches. I gave it a try. With the first few steps, I felt nauseous. My leg was unsure-kinda like walking in an inflatable mattress.

Maybe I'll get rid of this boot that I have by the middle of next month.

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