Thursday, June 18, 2009

I’m rolling my eyes on this side of the screen.

Two bites for today.

President Obama can swat a fly. OMG, that’s so cool! [/sarcasm] But…. That’s not why I’m rolling my eyes. Apparently PETA wasn’t too happy about it. It’s freakin’ fly!

The Senator from California, Barbara Boxer, requested that a general testifying before her address her as “senator” after repeated use of “ma’am.” It’s been raging on the blogs. I didn’t consider her request to be outrageous. It was well within her right but it’s an example of her being a pompous bitch. In the military, a sir or ma’am is always used to address a superior. It’s also regularly used between a service member and a civilian. Once an introduction is done and a conversation is started, sir and ma’am are always used. How ridiculous would it be to have a conversation with President Obama and always have to use “Mister President?” Nah, you say it once and then at the end you use the title again if possible, but in the middle, sir and ma’am are perfectly acceptable. I found the general’s response to her request completely right and professional.


Kapitano said... other, equally important news, David Letterman made a dumb joke, Sarah Palin pretended to misunderstand it and be highly offended, Letterman apologised, Palin still pretended to be offended, Letterman apologised again, Palin still pretended to be offended...and I wish they'd both just shut up.

Anyone would think there wasn't anything, like, really important going on.

David said...

I believe she accepted after his second apology. And he probably only did it because of pressure on the higher-ups at CBS who are already being poked at enough by conservative groups. His comments caused a number of clients to threaten to pull their advertisements.

I didn't roll my eyes at this story because, well, Dave's a jackass to Republicans and I mean that in the all encompassing terms. This reaction to Letterman goes beyond the joke. It goes to his general demeanor which is hostile to those on the right. This was just the catalyst.

If you sat down a bunch of us and had us watch Letterman and his former rival, Jay Leno, you would find that both ride the Republicans pretty hard. Leno does it out of fun because there is plenty about us to make a Joke. Letterman does it just to be an ass.