Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Camera!

<<--See also: "And now for something new..."

My Olympus camera started dying late last fall. When starting up, the mechanism within the lens would make a grinding noise. Turning the power off and then back on would usually solve the problem. As time went on, it became more frequent until finally it gave out about a month ago. The last pictures it took were of Amanda’s wedding. It will probably prove to be a stupid decision but I plopped down another $200 to get a Cannon PowerShot SD1200 IS.

I haven’t really taken the camera out on a test run. Things have been gloomy around here. From what I’ve seen so far, the photos seem okay. The indoor shots are noticeably better than the indoor shots that my Olympus took. I chose this one over the Sony Cybershot that was selling at the same price but had better features (12mega pixel v. 10; 5x Zoom v. 3X). I was sold by the claim that Canon takes better quality features. I’ll find out if I was screwed soon enough, I guess.


TardisGirl said...

I bet you’ll soon be loving your new camera.

I got a Canon PowerShot A1000 IS last month. Not only does it take much better photos than my ancient Minolta DiMage Z2, it’s also a lot less bulky and the batteries stay in without the aid of duct tape. :-)

Season said...

Sharon has one and she loves it!