Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Walking Away from Anal Coworkers

I miss my old work station so much. I’ve tried really hard to get settled here but lately it seems like I’m fighting a losing battle. There’s a new program going on and I’m pretty much the test subject. I won’t go into detail but let me just say that I am majorly frustrated at problems that are being brought up that, when you get down to it, really don’t matter. And while this program is supposed to be a benefit to the company, it really is causing some bad blood. I’m beginning to dread going to work and I never had that problem here.

I’ve been going to the park after work every other day to do some walking. It’s been tiring and I worry that I may be putting too much weight on my leg. The doctor said no more than 40 pounds of pressure. Yeah… okay. At the risk of popping some bolts, I’m doing it anyways because I’ve got to get moving again. All I do is sit around. At least with the wheelchair, I was racing up and down the building. My goal is to be able to eventually walk a mile with crutches by the end of the month.

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Kristel said...

Yay! You can do it!