Monday, June 15, 2009

Ahhhh… now that feels great!

I haven’t showered since early March. I’m serious. Since I broke the leg it’s been sponge baths and regular baths. The main floor bathroom shower can’t be used and the only one available is downstairs. I had no interest in making that kind of effort and if I fell (my sense of balance isn’t that great) then I’d really be screwed. I braved the flight of stairs finally and took my first shower in what seemed like ages ago. And it felt so goooood.

I’ve had it worse before. The last time I was in the Philippines, I went for 5 months without hot water. You’d think that living in near 90 degree weather with 90% humidity, hot showers wouldn’t be needed. Experience has shown me that getting dumped with unregulated water was still enough of a shock to cause me to shiver and mutter a “whoo” every time. The day before I was due to fly out back to the States, I stayed in a nice hotel on Roxas Blvd. in Manila. I could have touristed around but I decided not to. Who needs to see Intramuros a second time when they could be enjoying a nice hot shower and bath? I certainly didn’t.

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