Thursday, June 11, 2009

Come Vist My State -- Michigan

…we need your money.

I recently heard that the advertising budget for tourism has been slashed. That’s too bad. Although I am sometimes annoyed at how often they come up on the radio, I really do like the Pure Michigan advertisements. Oh it’s some sentimental crap alright but it makes me think of all the positive things about my home state and that no matter where I roam, I’ll always call this place home.

Check a few of them out:

This first one is about the nicknames that we give our cities. Detroit, The Motor City, is an easy start. How many can you identify?

Harbor Country is where I live. My town may not have a supermarket or even a bank, but we’ve got an antique store! And having a bottle of locally produced wine while watching a sunset sounds like a great idea to me.

Like swimming in Evian (okay… not quite).

And lastly, can you recognize the voice?

h/t to puremichigan & bloggingformichigan for posting these clips.


Season said...

they actually run a lot of tv ads here in Jacksonville for Michigan.

David said...

Considering how many people already participate in the great Michigan/Florida swap, I would think the money would be better spent elsewhere.