Thursday, May 28, 2009

What was I talking about again?

How much do you think it costs to get a two piece suit dry cleaned? Four dollars? Six dollars? Eight? I paid $10.50. That’s outrageous! I’m heading to the other side of the state for a wedding on Saturday and I wanted to look my best. I haven’t worn the thing for almost two years and the fit is odd. It’s the same in the chest area but loose on the waist and thighs. I’m unevenly deflating!
One of my reconsidered medical insurance claims came back. They have kindly decided to cover my emergency room visit. No word yet on the other stuff.
At the time of my accident, I was due for a haircut. Now I cut it short with a 1-blade. I didn’t get it cut until recently. Yeah, it was pretty shaggy and nasty. As I was looking in the mirror at work I noticed a long hair that got missed. I went back to my cubicle and asked C if she could pluck it out because I could feel it but I couldn’t grasp it for myself. Apparently she has bad eyesight and she started feeling around for it too. Just then C the IT guy came up and said, “What’s this, Animal Planet?” I turned beet red. I wanted a long hair plucked out. Instead, I got C pretending she’s snacking on lice.
Michigan is now one of four states offering up Enhanced Driver’s Licenses. As you may know, it used to be the case that traveling to Canada or Mexico by car only required a driver’s license or birth certificate. Then they tightened that up and Americans basically needed to get a passport. Programs were started where mostly border states such as Michigan and New York would offer and Enhanced Driver’s License that conformed to requirements of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.

For $45, Michiganders can upgrade. Bah! Why bother? Michiganders can get the passport card which issued by the federal gov’t for $20 if they already have a regular passport. It’s the same price if you don’t but which is going to be less scrutinized at an international border crossing?

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TardisGirl said...

At least you're deflating and not inflating.

Ooo, what a nice insurance company to actually cover an emergency room visit. I mean, all you did was pay premiums... it's not like you DESERVED coverage. :-)

Yeah, work can be a real zoo :-P

Now if only Michigan would offer enchanced drivers... ones who actually knew what a turn lane was for!