Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wait. I should be in a foul mood.

Have you ever had a day where things were not going your way but you still felt good? I love those days like today.

I was getting grief at work that I didn’t feel was justified. It was series of compounding unfortunate events that caused some things to slip through the cracks. Instead of bringing other people into it, I just took the blame. I mean it would be a waste of time to try and explain why something went as bad as it did and whose hands all touched it. The problem is solved and I doubt that it’s going to come up again.


So North Korea conducted a nuclear test and fired off another rocket. Standard reaction from the UN: “Bad North Korea. Bad. Don’t do it again or else…” If I’m rolling my eyes at the oh so magnificent UN, you can imagine how much the North Koreans give a crap.

Seriously, why are we paying so much money to that nearly worthless organization? In comparison to what it actually does right, we would probably get more for our money by giving it to the Red Cross.


The California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8 – the ban on gay marriage. Although, they did rule that couples that got married, while it was legal to do so, will stay married. I would think that this would create and awkward burden on those couples. Are they now going to have to carry a copy of the their wedding certificates to prove that that they have a right to certain state benefits while other same-sex couples can’t? Who’d like to be the clerks on the receiving end of that? Could the court be leaving a window open? I mean if a certain group is entitled to privileges and another is not but they aren’t different from each other, doesn’t that make an argument as a violation of the Equal Protection Clause? BTW, I still haven’t gotten an adequate answer as to why there isn’t a high profile challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act. Unlike most other people, I do see gay marriage as a federal issue and I believe that DOMA is a flagrant violation of the Full Faith and Credit Clause.

The message from the Obama administration on this: [crickets chirping]

To all you homos that voted for him: How does it feel to be run over by a bus?


President Obama made his nomination for the Supreme Court. Liberal Judge Sonia Sotamayor from the US Court of Appeals 2nd Circuit. Oh Joy! Now how can you lay a glove on a nominee who is a woman and a latina? As soon as you do you’re going to be labeled a sexist or a racist never mind that you don’t approve of her because of her judicial philosophy and record. The Republicans don’t have the balls to put up more than a token resistance. Not that it really matters if she gets on the court anyways. Her elevation wouldn’t be expected to change the balance of power of court as she would be a liberal replacing another liberal. Still you never know… It might be George Bush under there. We haven’t seen him around for a while.


And here’s another case why I believe people should be sterilized until they are proven fit to procreate:

A woman in Melvindale, MI stabbed and killed her father…over a dinner roll.


Well, it’s storming and I better log off before the power goes out. I love thunder storms. Y’all take care there.


Kapitano said...

What is the UN supposed to do about North Korea?

If they protest, they're ignored. That can't cut of aid because they don't give any. The can't cut of diplomatic relations because there aren't any. And declaring war would have, shall we say, unpredictabe consequences.

As for Sotamayor, some are already calling her an "activist judge", which is even less effective than usual, because she seems to have no clearly defined agenda, liberal or otherwise. She's just an expert on the law.

Obama's silence on Prop 8 is...unsurprising. He's good on bold general statements, but seems unwilling to fight on specifics.

David said...

No kidding about the UN. It's like one of those parents who is finding out that they really can't control the kid because the threat of spanking the hell out of them is gone.

I've heard enough on Sotamayor and I don't care for her. Her academic peers have labeled her opinions as being mediocre so she's not bringing sharp and resounding judgment to the court. For example, you can disagree all you want with Justice Scalia but he knows his stuff when it comes to constitutional issues. If Sotomayor thought Cabranes's rebuke of her was tough, wait until she get's a load from him.

Obama's silence is inexcusable. He's already implementing his great "change." Notably his stimulus bill that is putting our deficits into the trillions. But also on health care -- he's not going after single payer but he's laying the foundations for it. Even I probably will abandon my private insurance if a government program is available. But back to the gays. He could end Don't Ask Don't Tell with a simple order. And with a Congress solidly controlled by the Democrats, he still may not be able to overturn DOMA but he sure as hell could get hate crimes protection and even civil partnerships benefits going.