Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ma'am I am tonight!

I was in Detroit for my cousin, Jason’s wedding. Originally I had a long post but it turned out to be more of a rant about the church we went to than the actual wedding. The church, in my opinion, is pretty sketchy but once I get past it, the wedding was nice. I enjoyed myself and this is the first wedding for the immediate family in a long time. The last one being for my Aunt oooh… almost a decade and a half ago.

I think the highlight of my time there was seeing my mom dancing. She looked like she was having a good time. It would have been better to have seen dad go out on the floor with her but he’s chicken. It was really cool to see all my uncles, aunts, and cousins all in the same place. Even seeing my Aunt Tina was great. She and my uncle divorced and that's the main reason why I don’t see her very much although she does stay in contact through mail. There was a picture of my Grandma and all her kids together taken. I’ll have to post it when I get a copy. Instead, you’ll have to see my cousin James* enjoying his cake and ice cream.

*Would you believe that the little booger was trying to make me fall down all night? He’d try knocking my crutches out from me and hitting my leg. Apparently one broken leg is enough.

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