Friday, April 10, 2009

Thank Goodness it’s Friday

I had a half day today but I managed to keep myself occupied for the afternoon. Check out the to-do list:
  • Call the insurance company and inquire as to why 1.) the ambulance charge was being “pended,” 2.) the x-rays were being rejected and 3.) they need me to tell them—for the third time over the phone—how I got injured.
  • Call x-ray lab to tell them to expect to be hearing back from my insurance company so that I can get an extension on my bills.
  • Call the hospital to find out if my ambulance bill was rolled into their ER bill because I haven’t received one yet but my insurance company apparently has (because they told me it was “pended”).
  • Call my Doctor’s office to call in my prescription for my anti-blood clotting medication.
  • Call pharmacist to arrange a pick-up of that medication.
  • Go pay the wheelchair rent.
  • Go pay the car insurance.
  • Go and get the oil changed.
  • Go to the lab and get blood drawn.
Makes miss the days of only a few weeks ago which consisted of getting up, working for 8 hours, goofing off for the rest of the evening, and then going to bed!

[Groans] Tomorrow I will start on my taxes.


season said...

damn.....are you at least going to meet your deductible?

David said...

I don't know what you mean by "meet" but I've gone well over my $500 deductible which should be reflected in my ER bill.

season said...

maybe deductible is the wrong term. but i think its right....when you meet so much of your insurance money u dont have to pay anymore until the new year

Stacey said...

trust me... you will have to tell the insurance company 100 different times how you broke your ankle... they are just trying to find a way to pin the charges on homeowners or auto insurance or's a real pain

john said...

My taxes are done, but I need to get my oil changed.

Luke said...

dear god david... I hope you're feeling better!