Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Getting Up Again

Man, it seems like I just can’t catch a break! I’m just now getting back to normal cripple mode as the flu that I’ve been suffering under has broken. Hell, apart from remembering that I woke up at 1400 to use the bathroom, I don’t remember anything of Saturday.

There were a couple of things that I remember on the news that I thought, “I’m going to blog on that.” Then a few minutes later I was probably knocked out. Pain pills are good for that. But here are a few that I remember in no particular order:

President Obama gave Queen Elizabeth an iPod containing, among other things, recordings of his speeches. Are we trying to guide her to the grave? You would think that one of his advisors would have told the President that she’s already got one. Even I know that she’s got an iPod. But then again, what do you get for a person who has practically everything?

President Obama also spoke of his support for Turkey’s entrance into the EU. Just shut-up please! We are not in the EU so what business is it of ours? Well… we do have strategic interests—but you shouldn’t be making our views known Mr. President! French President Sarkozy was right and should have bitch slapped him.

North Korea launched its Kae-godda Dong 2 missile over Japan. They say they put a satellite into space. We say their shit landed in the Pacific. Oh who am I to believe? (Let me say sorry in advance to Lee before I go on.) Just let them die already. Quit giving them fuel. Quit giving them food. Quit letting them play us against the Russians and Chinese. I’m willing to say this: let them fire the first shot. Once that’s over and done with… go in and fuck them up. Tell everyone that. This isn’t a MAD situation it’s TAD.

It looks like some banks aren’t being allowed to repay the TARP money (thus getting out from under the government). Oh the government apologists say that allowing banks to pay back the money would reveal which banks were the ones in real danger and would cause a run on them. Sure…

MSU lost to North Carolina last night in the championship game. Gotta give it to those Tar Heels. They played awesome last night and completely dominated the Spartans. The turnovers and bad shots on our part just sunk us and we could never recover to get back into striking range. My hat is off for the Spartans though. They beat two #1 seeded teams and last year’s champions. They had a helluva season. And I want Tom Izzo bald now!

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TardisGirl said...

I'm surprised Obama didn't give the poor Queen an enitre set of Obama souvenirs.

If I were President I'd make sure my face was only displayed on stamps or money. But then if I were President, I'd do a lot of things differently.