Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter lunch/dinner and a Movie

My aunt hosted an Easter get-together for the family. I wasn’t keen on going since the last time I went to one of those, I got grilled. Considering the second eldest cousin (I’m the oldest) is now engaged to be married, I’m waiting for the questions to start flying about me. Although I’m pretty sure that they have a good idea that I’m gay already. If not, then they’re in denial—which is a pretty good possibility. I decided to go because, hey, it’s family.

The food was pretty good. Grandma brought German potato salad which I like. My aunt made a large ham but also made some fake ham which I could have because I detest ham. Dad, missing no opportunity to take a dig, said that it makes me a Jew or a Muslim. My aunt’s efforts were appreciated but the fake ham tasted like real ham… which is the problem.
And what family get together wouldn’t be complete without watching a right winger movie? They played some movie that I never heard of called An American Carol. It is a parody of left wing filmmaker Michael Moore. Although the movie did have some amusing parts, I thought it was pretty bad movie. The parallels between it and A Christmas Carol were thin and the story didn’t flow smoothly. I thought that was too bad.

Next meeting is called for later next month at Jason's wedding.

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TardisGirl said...

Oh man, I feel your pain. Every time I have the misfortune to attend a family gathering I get the "when are you getting married and having babies" question. As if my sex life (or lack thereof) were any of their business!