Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just a little bit more

I'm writing you drugged up as I can possibly make myself. My right knee is fucking killing me. All the hopping and the supporting of my weight is just tearing that shit up. I've been cutting down on the pain pills for my leg only to start on them again for my knee.

Scotty had it right. Whenever you have to tell someone how long a job will take, always inflate it. While my claims for a Thursday completion for the end of the month reporting was an honest estimate, I managed to get it done four hours before Boss 1 of 5's imposed deadline. And I got kudos for it. Go me! I knocked that crap out so fast that it amazed even me.

One of our major clients (rhymes with phony) came in today for their yearly audit. I'll be part of the audit process tomorrow but they were here for stuff that doesn't directly concern me. They are young ones, probably recent college graduates. I got annoyed with the two. The first one annoyed me as he kept typing things into his iPhone. If he's texting, then he's rude. If he's taking notes then he should show a little more intelligence and get something else that would work better--like a pencil and paper. The second one annoyed me through no fault of his own. One of my coworkers called him, "that cute Asian guy." I'M the cute Asian guy! What the hell?!

God I need a drink...


TardisGirl said...

Congratulations on finishing that report.

Now can you hop down and get those wrap engines back online so Mr Sulu a/k/a the cute Asian guy can get this ship moving? :-P

Kapitano said...

You'll always be our cute Asian guy.

john said...

I think it's annoying that people at the same dinner table will start texting, but also try to keep up with the conversation.