Monday, April 13, 2009

They Want MORE?

I figured out my taxes and for the first time, I actually have to pay money into the state government. What they’ve already withheld from my paycheck wasn’t enough.
So there it is, a heavily edited photo of my three dollar check.

I toyed with the idea of sending in a tea bag with my check but decided that it wouldn’t be worth the possible hassle.


John Provis said...

That's some elaborate old-school cursive handwriting you've got going on there...

We're doing almost all tax return stuff electronically now, including the payments - I think I've actually written/received one check (cheque) in the past 12 months, and that was to buy a car with... having paid the deposit on a credit card.

TardisGirl said...

Do you know what annoys me most? It's that stupid use tax.

Michigan expects me to pay sales tax on anything I buy online or in another state with a lower sales tax rate. However, they don't offer to reimburse me when I purchase something in a state that has a HIGHER tax rate than Michigan.

Yes, I'm bitter because that damn use tax whittled my $74 refund down to $12.

And you do have very nice handwriting. Mine looks like a cross between ancient hieroglyphs and a chimp’s scribblings.

john said...

I was so afraid that I would owe more, but I guess enough was taken out.

David said...

@John P.: Thanks. Usually I write in print but I do use cursive when writing checks and letters. My Dad says my handwriting is crap though. Well, maybe he doesn't use the word "crap" but that's what he means.

A lot of people electronically file their taxes. Michigan claims that 2/3 of Michiganders do. When it comes to important documents like these, I prefer to hold them in my hand and make copies and then send them off. Having tax information go up in poof of cyber smoke is a real fear of mine.

@TardisGirl: If you're buying things through the internet, most sites now charge the tax for you based on your ZIP Code. You might want to check your purchases. This is the first year where I didn't have to bother with use tax because all my internet purchases have now been taxed. You can always amend your return and get that money back.

@John: Lucky. [hmmpf]