Thursday, January 08, 2009

I gave up on it a while ago but…

A little while ago the BBC announced that actor Matt Smith will replace David Tennant as the new Doctor Who. Most of the other Whovians that I am aware of in the blogosphere don’t approve and neither to do I. Whatever happened to middle aged Time Lords? This guy is freaking younger than I am! It’s not really that much of a problem for me as I gave up on that series a while ago. I only lasted until midway of the second season of the Tennant run so this is just another addition to the pile of disappointments this revamped series has given me. Even though the old series (and I’m talking about Doctors 1-7) suffered from cheesy…everything, I thought it was so much better story wise. And what the hell, what is with Time Lords regenerating younger and younger these days? Must be another case of Benjamin Button.

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