Sunday, January 11, 2009

So Ridiculous… I Like it

You know how you can experience something that is so bad/wrong/awful and yet you still like it on the whole?

First up (because it is not as fun as the second) is the Motorola Aura.

Motorola has taken $50 phone and repackaged it in an “exquisite” body to sell for $2,000USD. Insanity. And yet, it is appealing. Let’s see if I was insanely rich and sociable, this would be my going-out cell phone. Kind of like you have a rugged every day watch and a nicer dress up watch.

My favorite parts of these Aura vids are where they talk about the features. It makes me wonder if they are talking to me as if I never owned a phone before, if they’re trying to cover up the fact that this phone has pathetic features, or both. For example, the following had me howling in laughter:

“Here’s another hidden gem: to bypass all the menus and simply return to the home screen it only takes one step—press the red “End” key. That’s it. One press. Viola! You’re back at the home screen.”

Then we have this cover of Country Roads by Hermes House Band.

There’s so much about this video that I do not like: the cover (I’m a purist), the period dress, the cuts that threatened to bring on a seizure, and the freaking bobbing up and down and into the camera. But one thing that I can not deny is that it is fun.


Season said...

ummmm....ummmm is that a razr with a circle screen?

David said...


The Razr probably has more features than the Aura.

john said...

I actually like that version of Country Roads. It's on my iPod. And it's approved by many Mountaineer fans.