Saturday, July 05, 2008

Proclaim Liberty…

…throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.*

Independence Day means one thing: a day off of work! Just kidding.

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I came close to sitting out this year’s celebration. With Erin and her husband off doing their own thing and really… no one else to hang out with , I would have felt weird going to a fireworks display all alone. Fortunately, last minute plans with an old friend, Dusty, was made to go up to Saint Joseph to see theirs.

Dusty has been working for one of this country’s largest electrical/appliance companies. Seriously, it’s a stunning position that leaves me green not with Spartan pride, but with envy. However, he’s one cool cat and I am honestly happy for him also.

He and his girlfriend are up visiting for the holiday and invited me to go with them. Also joining us would be J.W., a friend of his from college. I’ve met Amanda a few times before (and she probably hates me because I constantly confuse her name with Dusty’s ex) but I have never met J.W. Wait… I take that back. I think I remember meeting him one time at Dusty’s old dorm. So I was a little nervous about hanging out with them. I’m not really good with new people.

I think things went well and except for some painfully awkward conversation at the end of the night, I’d do it again. Oh—and I would skip out the really creepy YouTube videos that my sister called up.

*Inscription on the Liberty Bell, taken from Leviticus 25:10.

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