Monday, July 07, 2008

But I am clean!

Warning! This post deals entirely too much on my personal hygiene.

As I was taking my evening shower, I was thinking to myself how great it is that I like to be clean. As a rule, I shower at least once a day. After 24 hours of non-showering I feel all oily. It’s really bad once the weather gets into the 80’s and I will shower in the morning and in the evening. When I was in the Philippines, there were days when I would do it three times.

But as I thought on it more, I really don’t care if I am clean or not. The driving force is how I clean I feel. When I was a kid and living on the farm, I could easily go weeks without bathing. Granted part of that was because there wasn’t a bath or shower at the farm, but really, I didn’t mind. In the dead of winter, I’ve been known to go a couple days without showering because the dryness of the air keeps me feeling like I’ve got sticky sweat on me.

Don’t you worry though. Chances are that if you met me, I will actually be clean. After two types of shampoos, soap, body cleanser, and rubbing my skin off with a pumice block and then a washcloth, who wouldn’t be?

Okay, I don’t use pumice. That shit hurts.

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Kapitano said...

I think you're right about feeling clean, as opposed to being clean.

Sometimes I shower in the morning before work...and sometimes it's a few wipes with a hot flannel dipped in hot water - depending on whether I've got five spare minutes or fifteen.

Though the real effect isn't very different, if it's a hot day and I feel kind of oily-skinned, and I've not stood under a water jet, then I spend the day feeling sticky in my clothes and wondering if anyone can smell me - while realising really they can't.

As for pumice...i have a loofah somewhere, and can't quite figure out how non-masochists use it.