Monday, June 30, 2008


I sit at two tables when I’m at work. I sit with E.M. and S.P. during my fifteen. I sit with Z.P. and L.P. during the half hour. Admittedly, I sit with E.M. because I find him fascinating. He is going into law school too and the conversations with him are a bit more high brow than those I have with others. I’m not saying that we discuss the comparative politics or music from the baroque period, but we’re not focusing on Brittney Spears either.

A few weeks ago we were joined by a temp, S.P. At first I didn’t mind him. He’s a very sweet guy (Oh, how I hate saying that). He’s very polite. He shows an interest in how people are doing and he’s a hard worker. The thing is… he’s getting on my nerves!

For the most part, I feel like I’m sitting next to the Beav. I just want to bust that 50’s bubble that seems to surround him. I like to spar when I talk to people. There’s no malice behind it but I get along best with people who can give as good as they get which is why I like sitting with Z.P. and L.P. because they are sassy and funny gals. I get along with E.M. for slightly different reasons. Although we don’t spar too much in our conversations, he does get my dry and sarcastic humor.

I know that there is nothing wrong with S.P. and he is indeed a good guy. And really, I can’t find any type of fault about him. The only thing, really, is that he’s big on video games. Get him going, and he will talk all the way through break plus you’ll have him as an escort while you go back to your work station. And it’s not just the games—it’s the systems, it’s the retail politics, it’s even video game designers. It’s like a devotion beyond those Trekkies who learn to speak Klingon.

If there wasn’t a twenty or so year age gap, I’d have to introduce him to K.P. (I’m beginning to realize that a lot of my coworkers’ last names begin with “P.”) She’s big into this certain role playing game that you play over the internet. Who knows, they may have already met in cyberspace.

Or maybe I don’t like the fact that he keeps me from talking to E.M.


Stacey said...

did you imply that you are going to go to law school? that would be cool, it seems like you would be good at it.

David said...

I suppose I was a little innacurate by writing "too." I would love to go to law school but I admitedly too scared to commit.

Stacey said...

you could do it!!!