Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What's the answer?

In a few days, it will be my 3 year blogiversary. I've been thinking of doing a podcast or a videocast for some time and I thought that this might be a good opportunity to try it. But I don't have anything to talk about. At least, there isn't a subject that I can lift out of my head and have it be coherent. But I can talk about me. It's a subject I know a lot about. :)

Here's the deal: For the next few days, I'd like you readers to give me questions that you might have about me. This is open to anyone so even if you are a lurker or just happen to stumble upon the site, go ahead and fire away. Use the anonymous option if you want. Ask anything at all and I promise to answer them all truthfully. (I'm opening a can of worms aren't I?) Bring it on! :)

The vidcast will be put up about a week from now or maybe earlier.



QuakerJono said...

What are you optimistic about?

Kapitano said...

Hmmm. A videocast showing one of the following:

* A tour around David's Home, or neighbourhood.

* David giving a three minute description of himself, as though for a video-dating website. What could he offer to a nice guy, and what's he looking for in a relationship?

* 24 hours in David's life, sped up to five minutes.

* An introduction to the Philippino language. Including how you spell the word.

* David reading or acting out a specially written short story.

Leo Carioca said...

What would you never do?

Kristel said...

heh... "42"

Minge said...

I want to know what David in an alternative universe is like.

john said...

Happy blogaversary!