Thursday, August 16, 2007

Did they call in sick?

Holy cow, this year's Circus Continental blew! In comparison, the 2005 show rocked.

Let's see there was:

Act I:
  • A balancing/manipulation act involving blocks and juggling by a balding man.
  • An altitude act involving a rope by a near naked woman.
  • Animals (monkeys) jumping over hurdles.

Act II:
  • A balancing/manipulation act involving multiple platforms and juggling by the same balding man.
  • An altitude act by near naked woman again using a swing.
  • Animals (dogs) jumping over hurdles.

Act III: (slightly different):
  • A balancing act staring the bald man's daughter on a unicycle.
  • Hula Hoop performance by near naked woman's daughter.
  • And a clown who insulted Michigan State making me want to jump the hurdles in order to throttle him.

Grand Finale: Two elephants sit and step on stools.

Who wants to ride an elephant?


japanesewhispers said...

I think that a circus that employs animals should be banned. Elephants aren't meant to be on stools! Poor things

David said...

What's a circus without animals?